Load Shedding Imminent , again

In 2008, South Africa experienced dark times in our power supply. Eskom, our country’s monopolising power supplier proved that lack of planning, political decision-making & greed can leave a nation powerless.

The Load shedding, deemed to be a nececity, cost our ecomany millions. Demand side management is the term used to control and manipulate the countries power, and inconvenience everyone from private business owner to retiree.

In 2014, with economic growth statistics dwindling, load shedding is imminent once more. Protect your equipment from bad power regulation and power surges. Make sure you have the emergency power you need to maintain your business and have peace of mind at home.

Back Up power & power solutions have become a necessity to our way of life. Be prepared. Please check the Eskom website for load shedding schedules in your area at http://loadshedding.eskom.co.za/

“Don’t be caught in the dark” – be prepared this time.